Monday, 7 February 2011

Update Abaya Collection Batch 1 ( InshaAllah will be arrive in Malaysia on 13 Febuary)

                                                               PoLka Abaya (RM 130)
                                                                             Size ( S)

                                                                     ( Size S only )
                                                                       Chest - 38'
                                                                   Wrist Circum - 19'
                                                                    Lower Waist - 46'
                                                                         Long - 56

                                                - PRE ORDER ITEM ( DESIGNED ABAYA) -

For a time being I only have 1 ready item for each Abaya below. Fit Size (M-L). For Pre Order you can place order first accordingly. Enjoy viewing and I hope you will love it :)

                                                                   Shine Abaya 1 (SA1)
                                                                -Variety Size Pre Order-
                                                                         ( RM 170 )
                                                             READY STOCK = SOLD

                                                            (Shine Designed Hand Area)

                                                       Simple & Sweet Abaya 1 (SSA1)
                                                               -Variety Size Pre Order-
                                                                      ( RM 170 )
                                                            READY STOCK=SOLD

                                                      Sweet Blue Floral Abaya 1(SBFA1)
                                                              -Variety Size Pre Order-
                                                                       ( RM 170 )

                                                     Sweet Blue Floral Abaya 2 (SBFA2)
                                                               -Variety Size Pre Order-
                                                                         ( RM 170 )
                                                           READY STOCK = SOLD

Sweet Mix Floral Abaya 1 (SMFA1) 
-Variety Size Pre Order-
( RM 170 )

Sweet Red Floral Abaya 1 (SRFA1)
 -Variety Size Pre Order -
 ( RM 170 )

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Counting the Days...

Assalamualaikum ( Peace be Upon to You) ... I wish today is a blessing day for everyone... Talking about counting the days... I'm sure everyone adapt counting as much as I do in our daily life...As we count towards something that we had in our own mind, we tend to forget that as much as the time goes by and reach the end....we always missed something that oftenly left behind..and that is.... 'LIFE' ( a wonderful time that Allah have given to each and everyone of us to explore and use all the oppurtunity that we have as a slave to Him ) but unfortunetly is it we had utilize the oppurtunity that He have given to Us wisely??? Allahuakhbar  ( Allah is Great ) only He knows how far is our faith...Ya Allah forgive me if I'm whine... Back to my counting days journey... A few days to go for me to reach Malaysia... (Tanah tumpah nya darah ku) I was excited to go home due to my emotional bonding towards my family which i cant resist even i just went back last October..huhuhu...the other reasonable factor was... I also excited to start my class for 2nd semester as a part time study.. ( which giving me a strong reason to go home a few times in a year and happily resting my mind in humidified weather ) Alhamdulillah for His kind blessing throughout my journey of life... I wish i will be a better 'Muslimah' and i shall always remember that 'Each Soul Have It Given Date'..... Ya Allah Let my feet stand firmed and my heart remain unchanged... Ameen YaRabal Al-Ameen...

Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Abaya oN the Board...

Assalamualaikum everyone...For the 'barakah' of this Friday...Today I have uploaded 3 of the collection which will be arrive in Malaysia inshaAllah by 14 of Febuary 2011. You may kindly email me if you interested. Another few other collection designed by me will upload soon... I hope you enjoy viewing our abaya collection which offering affordable price. Last but not least... Have a blessing Friday and May Allah be please with us...Ameen Ya Rabal Al-Ameen...

Barakah Abaya Batch 1

                                                                    Rose Abaya 1
                                                                     ( RM 120 )
                                                                       - L size -

Floral Abaya 1
( RM 100 )
- M size -

Green Oval Abaya
( RM 120 )
- M size - 

Last but not least... Today is Friday and we are encouraged to recite Suratul Al Khaf.  Wherever you may be .. take this opportunity . InshaAllah since our eyes can read and our health is still good... Let's fill our deeds for this blessful friday.... Maasalam

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A fresh start....

Today was a shinning day through a winter season in Middle East. Even it was not as cold as any European country but as the cold chilly wind blew you will start to think about how happy you are to be in your own home....I don’t want to jump straight away about 'Selling Abaya'...since this is the beginning of the blog...Let me just share with all of you about my 'My Journey Through Abaya'....As introduction to myself... I am a muslimah from a Muslim country called Malaysia...As all of you may know that Malaysia was an open country with proudly multiracial nation. We have freedom of practicing any religion as we wish and InshaAllah…with His bless we will always unite together as one nation until the end of time. My journey as a muslim in Malaysia was as much the same as others Malaysian. We are born and grew up as a muslim…And as a day pass by I have grown up and have my own career which one fine day flew me up to middle east and rest my foot here as my save land…Since the first day I have been here, I have started to learn more and more about my Islam and the practise. Honestly to share with you, I never thought that one fine day I will end up dressing up in ‘Abaya’ and my perception towards ‘Abaya’ in beginning was not as cool as I am now. Alhamdulillah Allah have open my heart and gather my understanding towards a modest dress through ‘Abaya’ and to tell you the truth I am so happy and pleasant to be in my ‘Abaya’. Thank You Allah for all the ‘Nur’ that He have passed to me…and I was so thankful…. Below are few of my first 'Abaya' that i had... eNjoy....